AusSteel Frames Central Coast
5 - 7 Newbridge Road
Berkeley Vale, NSW 2261
Phone: (02) 4389 1595


"I have always worked with timber and was very skeptical about installing steel frame and truss jobs, but after standing two jobs with Aus Steel frames and trusses I am converted. The wall frames are heaps lighter and dead straight and the trusses are also lighter and work at 1200 centres so they are actually faster to install than timber. I have since spoken to several mates who are builders to tell them not to believe the myths about steel. I'm happy to recommend Aus Steel frames and trusses to anyone."

Luke Kermode - Carpenter 


"Holbel are specialist installers of steel frames and trusses. We have used Aus Steel frames and trusses on both domestic and commercial jobs, including a recent addition to the Qantas logistics centre in Sydney. In every instance the job has arrived from Aus Steel, on site complete and on time. The frames and trusses have been accurately and intelligently designed to enable easy handling and quick installation.

I have no hesitation in recommending Aus Steel frames and trusses for all domestic and commercial constructions."

Andrew Pearson - Director, Holbel Pty. Ltd.


"I found Aus Steel trusses to be a light, straight and true product to use. Having never used their product before, I was able to install an entire roof truss system supporting tile roof load with no questions asked, using only the plans supplied. I would have no problems working with them in the future."

Kelvin - Building Supervisor, SNL Construction


“Impact building specialize in commercial construction and interior fit outs. We have recently purchased Aus Steel stud and plate for a large project, and I am very impressed. The Aus Steel system has saved us time and money and the quality of finish we achieved is far superior to timber. Aus Steel was able to supply frames up to 7 meters high that were straight, true and easy to install. I also found the team at Aus Steel very professional and easy to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Aus Steel to anyone looking for frames and trusses.”

Danny Vujic - Owner / Director, Impact Building.


“Broadworth Homes exclusively uses frames and trusses from Aussteel Frames Central Coast. These are used on all of our residential and commercial projects, which are primarily transportable. We have found the Aussteel system to be true, straight, and lightweight for easy-handling and installation.”

Director, Broadworth Homes Pty Ltd.