AusSteel Frames Central Coast
5 - 7 Newbridge Road
Berkeley Vale, NSW 2261
Phone: (02) 4389 1595


Aus Steel takes pride in maintaining an ongoing learning environment and has invested significant amounts of money and time in developing and refining their product offerings.

Aus Steel is:

  •  Australian owned
  • Australian designed
  • Australian engineered
  • Australian made

Aus Steel uses only Australian made Bluescope Steel that carries a 50 year warranty.

Aus Steel frames and trusses are manufactured using high tensile G550 steel cold roll formed into our 90mm section.

Aus Steel provides a fully engineered structure for your building. 

Our top down design approach maintains a continious load path from roof batten to sub floor or concrete slab fixings.

Working closely with Buildex, a screw fixing has been developed for Aus Steel that provides a flush surface finish and a connection of known strength every time.

All service holes are prepunched to speed up instillation of
plumbing and electrical services.

All Aus Steel products are made from Bluescope true core steel and are constructed to meet or exceed the National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH) requirements.

Aus Steel's experienced staff can assist you gain efficiencies in design that will not sacrifice the integrity of your building.